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Found in Translation

Now that Obama has delivered his farewell address, watch Key & Peele's eerily prescient preview

Last week, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele previewed President Obama's farewell address, with Key reprising his role as Luther, Obama's "anger translator" for Peele's calm Obama. On Tuesday night, Obama delivered his actual farewell address to 20,000 people in Chicago — but other than the setting and anger translator, the Key & Peele version on The Daily Show wasn't too far off Obama's message.

"I have greatly enjoyed my time as your president," Peele's Obama said, with Luther jumping in: "Except when... Republicans wouldn't let me do [censored], and then that one dude said I wasn't born here, and then y'all elected him — so you know what? Didn't love that part so much." Later, Peele forecast Obama's line about how "the long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion" even if there's the occasion step backward: "To all of you out there who are afraid that your way of life is under attack, remember that progress isn't always a straight line," Peele's Obama said, and Luther agreed: "No, because sometimes it's a line that goes like this," he said, pointing up, "and then it just goes straight down for four [censored] years!"

Now that Obama has said his piece — you can read the entire text or watch the speech — you can watch Key and Peele imagine the subtext in Luther's final address. Some of the language is mildly NSFW. Peter Weber