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6 Volkswagen executives indicted over emissions scandal

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted six Volkswagen executives over the company's emissions scandal. Five of the indicted employees are in Germany; the sixth was arrested and charged earlier this week in Miami.

The indictments came alongside Volkswagen's announcement that it will plead guilty to three criminal charges for building engines with a "defeat device," which created a discrepancy in performance in government tests versus in real life. The charges include "conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and importing vehicles by using false statements," The Associated Press reported.

Volkswagen has agreed to pay a $4.3 billion penalty in a settlement with the Department of Justice, which The Associated Press noted is the "largest ever levied by the government against an automaker." Volkswagen previously reached a $15 billion settlement in the U.S., bringing its total fines over the emissions cheating scandal up to nearly $20 billion.

The investigation is still underway, meaning more Volkswagen executives could face charges.