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veeps! they're just like us!

Mike Pence, with a wink, explains why he was buying ice cream last night

Just because you're seven days away from being vice president of the United States of America doesn't mean you don't get ice cream on the way home when the missus tells you to get ice cream on the way home:

The suit-clad veep-to-be was shopping solo (that is, except for a herd of Secret Service agents surrounding him), a fellow shopper tells us, and ultimately located the object of his mission: two half-gallon tubs of Turkey Hill ice cream.

Pence shook hands with a cashier on the way out but otherwise went undisturbed. He left in a convoy of three SUVs. [The Washington Post]

"I can confirm that when Mrs. Pence asks me to get ice cream, I pick up ice cream," Pence tweeted Friday afternoon — complete with a winking emoji.

Anyway, it's always good to see the newcomers have a respect for tradition.