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'the channel now works for him'

Trump allies are reportedly crowing that the president has 'conquered' Fox News

In the minds of President Donald Trump's supporters, Megyn Kelly's decision to leave Fox News for NBC News is evidence the president's takeover of the conservative news outlet is now complete, New York's Gabriel Sherman reported late Tuesday in a series of tweets:

Trump, Sherman noted, has endorsed Fox News in a way no other president has before, even going so far as to tell Americans to trust Fox first and foremost:

Kelly, who asked Trump a notoriously tough question about his past remarks about women at the first Republican presidential primary debate, routinely pushed back against Trump and his supporters during her tenure at Fox. In fact, Kelly claimed in her memoir Settle for More, which she released just after the election, that Trump's supporters were so outraged by her criticisms and questioning that she received "death threats."

With one of the network's few voices of dissent now gone, it's easy to see why a president plagued by a historically low inaugural approval rating might be encouraging Americans to tune in.