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Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson are Beyoncé's unborn twins on SNL

Tracy Morgan returned to Saturday Night Live this week to join Kenan Thompson in playing Beyoncé's unborn twins, chilling inside her womb and anticipating what a dope life they'll have in the Knowles-Carter household.

Beyoncé (Sasheer Zamata) is visiting the doctor (host Alec Baldwin) for an ultrasound, while Thompson and Morgan (whose characters speculate their names will be Jade Rain and Lord Burbury, respectively) discuss how special their mother must be. "When people meet her, they scream," Morgan notes, "so she's either a beautiful queen or a goblin." Thompson's baby knows better. "Yo, our mama is Beyoncé, man!" he exclaims. "Wow, I haven't even breathed yet and I know who Beyoncé is!"

Watch the full sketch below, and catch the real Beyoncé's first public appearance since the announcement of her pregnancy tonight at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Bonnie Kristian