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Watch a brief history of President Trump publicly boasting about his electoral win

When an Israeli reporter asked President Trump on Wednesday about the rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. since he launched his campaign, Trump began his reply by talking about his win in the Electoral College. "Well, I just want to say that we are, you know, very honored by the victory that we had," he said, asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if he didn't know the exact numbers of electoral votes Trump won. That isn't the first time Trump has used public forums, or even joint press conferences with world leaders, to pat himself on the back for winning the presidency. Maybe it's a form of self-affirmation, or a statement he feels is necessary to exert his power, or a nervous tic, or perhaps Trump just thinks it's a great conversation starter.

There are reports that Trump has brought up his Electoral College victory in private meetings as well, along with other favorite subjects like the size of his inaugural crowd, but GQ has rounded up some of the public pronouncements captured on camera and compiled them into a brief 1-minute highlight reel. In some cases, Trump's boasting seems appropriate to the situation, in others — like introducing Black History Month — it's a bit harder to see where the president is coming from. Watch for yourself below. Peter Weber