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Pro-Trump women are buying tons of Ivanka Trump perfume

Earlier this month, Nordstrom cut ties with Ivanka Trump's namesake brand, citing underwhelming sales. Now, groups of women across the country are on a "cash-waving rampage" to fight back in the name of President Trump's eldest daughter — and the effort has led to a spike in sales of Ivanka Trump's perfume on Amazon, where it has been the top-selling women's fragrance for two days, Racked reports.

Reviews include people gushing that "I bought this perfume in support of Ivanka Trump" and "the perk of this scent is that it's a liberal repellant as well!!!!" Racked muses that part of the popularity of the perfume comes from the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive Ivanka Trump item: " A bottle costs $36.38 on Amazon and a roll-on version just $15, versus $83.20 for a dress or $275 for a bag," Racked writes.

The pro-Ivanka Trump "rampage" is attempting to cancel out the anti-Trump #GrabYourWallet campaign, which encouraged consumers to spend their money at companies that did not do businesses with Trump or his family members.