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More than 100 women got 'nevertheless, she persisted' tattoos during a 9-hour period at a Twin Cities tattoo parlor

More than 100 women flocked to the Twin Cities tattoo shop Brass Knuckle on Tuesday to get the words "nevertheless, she persisted" inked permanently on their bodies, Star Tribune reports. The quote has become something of a rallying cry for liberal women after it was used by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) earlier this month.

"Did I ever think I would get a Mitch McConnell quote tattooed on my body? No, I did not," said organizer Nora McInerny. "But those are three words that any woman would be able to see themselves in, regardless of politics."

McInerny had originally planned for a few friends to get the tattoos together for charity, but she accidentally set her Facebook event to public, not private. Because of McInerny's following as a blogger and social media star, nearly 2,000 people expressed interest in the event after just a few days.

Some people waited more than six hours to get the tattoo, and anyone who couldn't get in was told they could make an appointment through March, with $55 of the $75 tattoo going to a local pro-choice nonprofit.

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"Those words remind me of every woman I know who has kept going even though it's difficult or it might make you unpopular. I just thought it was a perfectly beautiful sentiment,” McInerny said. "Also, I'm incredibly impulsive.”