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Trump's big speech

Trump got high marks in CNN's post-speech snap poll, but one viewer says she'll see the real Trump on Twitter

People who watched President Trump's address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night were impressed, according to a snap poll from CNN/ORC International. About 7 in 10 viewers said the policies Trump discussed would move the U.S. in the right direction and made them feel more optimistic about the country, while 57 percent of the 509 speech-watchers had a very favorable reaction to Trump's speech, with 21 percent viewing it somewhat favorably and 21 percent viewing it negatively.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz's focus group also had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the speech, but many of the participants were skeptical that this is the "real Donald Trump." "It's not the Donald Trump that I've seen for the past 30 days — where is that guy?" one participant said. "Where's that guy that says what he wants to say, that is loud, that says everything is fake news? Where is that guy? I'm going to look for him on Twitter tomorrow and see what he really thinks. Great job to the speechwriter, but I will see Donald Trump at 12 a.m."

You can watch the rest of Luntz's poll group at CBS News.