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Sean Hannity calls boss Rupert Murdoch's newspaper business 'crap'

Fox News host Sean Hannity's latest tweet likely didn't win him any brownie points with his boss. Rather than keep his focus on Wall Street Journal editor and columnist Bret Stephens during a Twitter spat, Hannity broadened the fight to include News Corp., the company that owns The Wall Street Journal, into the fray. The owner of News Corp. is, of course, Rupert Murdoch — the same guy who owns Fox, and thus Hannity's boss.

The whole thing started when Hannity erroneously suggested that Fox News was helping Stephens "continue writing inane columns few read," leading Stephens to point out that Fox and News Corp. are "separate companies." Hannity then tweeted in response that the whole reason for the split between the publishing and TV businesses in 2013 was to separate the "good" from the "crap":

Murdoch's "crap co" is worth more than $7 billion.