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Trump's close friend Christopher Ruddy just wrote an op-ed calling for the president to implement Medicaid for all

President Trump's close friend and Newsmax media CEO Christopher Ruddy penned an op-ed Tuesday calling for "an upgraded Medicaid system to become the country's blanket insurer."

"This is notable because, among other things, [Ruddy] has Trump's ear," wrote NBC's Bradd Jaffy.

In outlining a seven-step "game plan" for Trump, Ruddy suggested the president stick "to his own gut on health-care reform" and "tie Medicaid funding to states with the requirement each pass legislation to allow for a truly nationwide health-care market."

As it stands now, the proposal is at odds with the House GOP health-care bill, which seeks to end federal funding to expand Medicaid in 2020.

"Trump won the presidency by trusting his own instincts and ignoring the GOP establishment, including its views on health care," Ruddy wrote, adding: "The clock is ticking for Trump's first 100 days."