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Jeff Sessions, asked if he gave Trump 'any reason to believe' he was wiretapped by Obama: 'Um, no'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday he did not give President Trump "any reason to believe" that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower during the presidential election, as Trump has claimed. "Look — my answer, um, no," Sessions said, when asked whether he'd had a chance to "brief" Trump on campaign-related investigations or had suggested evidence of wiretapping existed in his conversations with the president.

Sessions went on to explain that because he was "active" in the Trump campaign, he was barred from any investigations involving the campaign. Sessions occasionally served as a Trump surrogate during the election. "Even though you may have had nothing whatsoever to do with anything improper, you should not investigate your own campaign, so I have recused myself and am unable to comment on any of these details," Sessions said.