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McDonald's just tweeted — and quickly deleted — that Trump is a 'disgusting excuse of a president' with 'tiny hands'

The McDonald's official corporate Twitter account took a brief break from tweeting about ice cream cones and hamburgers Thursday morning to weigh in on American politics. In a tweet that survived less than 20 minutes before being deleted, someone used the Twitter account to broadcast their disdain for President Trump — and his "tiny hands" — to the fast food giant's 151,000 followers:

The tweet — which was liked and retweeted more than a thousand times during its short existence — was also pinned on the McDonald's page.

Trump wasn't always on McDonald's bad side. In fact, back in 2002, America's commander-in-chief appeared in an ad alongside McDonald's character Grimace:

McDonald's has yet to comment on its Thursday morning Twitter activity. Becca Stanek

Update 10:29 a.m. ET: McDonald's tweeted later Thursday morning that its account had been "compromised" and an investigation was underway.