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Trevor Noah has a theory about the oddly similar hairstyles of Trump, Geert Wilders, and Boris Johnson

On Thursday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah celebrated the defeat of "the Dutch Donald Trump," the far-right and virulently anti-Islam candidate Geert Wilders, who came in a distant second in Wednesday's national election in the Netherlands. After providing a short primer on Wilders and his politics, Noah noted that lots of Dutch voters still support him. "That's why the put their trust in a guy who looks like Christopher Walken when he was a Batman villain," Noah said. Then he pointed out a certain look shared by Wilders, British Foreign Secretary and key Brexit advocate Boris Johnson, and President Trump.

"What is it with these villains and their hair?" Noah asked. "Like, they all have the same-looking hair. In Holland, it's Geert; in the U.K. it's Boris; in the U.S., it's Trump. Like, people, I don't know if I'm the only one who sees this, but it's obvious, it's obvious what is going on here: We've been invaded by mind-controlling aliens who look like bad hair." If this were a Hollywood production "and we were watching ourselves," he added, "we'd be like: 'This movie, it's obvious, how do they not see it?'" Watch below. Peter Weber