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It wasn't all bad

High school sweethearts reunite, get married on April Fools' Day

Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman on their wedding day.

Like most high school sweethearts, Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman went their separate ways after graduating in 1953. They attended different colleges, married other people, and had children, only reconnecting at the occasional high school reunion.

"He had his life and I had my life," Kevorkian told BuzzFeed News. "He probably called me four times over the last 60 years." Last fall, Kevorkian, 81, was surprised to receive a letter from Bowman, also 81, and she quickly wrote him back, telling him she wanted to get together. He drove five hours to her home in South Bend, Indiana, and they discovered that the years hadn't changed anything. "We found we liked each other as much as we liked each other when we were 17," Kevorkian said. "We laughed at the same jokes."

Both of their spouses had died, and while neither one ever planned on remarrying, that's exactly what they did, tying the knot on April 1, with Kevorkian's granddaughter serving as her maid of honor. "We thought that was a good day for two old fools to get married," Kevorkian said. Catherine Garcia