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Watch Mark Hamill's tribute to Carrie Fisher: 'She made you feel ... like you were her best friend'

"Well, here's a panel I was hoping wouldn't come for another 30 years," Star Wars actor Mark Hamill began his tribute to his late costar Carrie Fisher at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, on Friday, where a trailer for the latest film in the series was released. "Someone once wrote when someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. And here today, we're here to celebrate the treasure that was Carrie Frances Fisher."

Hamill reminisced about Fisher herself as well as the filming process for the original Star Wars trilogy. "People say, 'Was she your best friend?' Well no, I don't think so," he mused. "The thing that she had about her, which no one else could match: She made you feel, when you were in her presence, like you were her best friend. She was so laser focused on you, and so engaging, that it was exhilarating to be around her."

Watch Hamill's full remarks below. Bonnie Kristian