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On the first post-Bill O'Reilly Factor, Mike Huckabee jokes you can't 'kiss a woman leaning away from you'

On the night that Fox News sacked Bill O'Reilly, Dana Perino hosted the newly O'Reilly-less The Factor. She had on former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to discuss media bias against President Trump. After they discussed some findings by the conservative media-bias group the Media Research Center and its NewsBusters offshoot, Huckabee tried out what might be material for his next Twitter joke. It seemed particularly ill-suited for the occasion.

"You know, there's three things that's said you can't do," Huckabee said. "You can't spit into the wind, you can't climb a ladder leaning toward you, or kiss a woman leaning away from you. Add one more to the list if you're Donald Trump: You can't get a fair shake from the media."

If O'Reilly had followed the third rule, of course, his name would likely have still been on the show tonight. And if Trump had done the same, it would have fixed part of his problem with bad press.