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Jeff Sessions is already blaming Democrats for the government shutdown

It's apparently never too early to start pointing fingers. Ahead of Congress' deadline Friday to pass a budget or face a government shutdown, Attorney General Jeff Sessions insisted that it would be Democrats' fault if the latter happens because of their pledge to block any bill that includes funding for President Trump's U.S.-Mexico border wall. "The way the system works is whenever the government is shut down, people blame the Republicans," Sessions said Monday in an interview on Fox & Friends. "But it will be the Democrats who shut down the government to block the funding for the wall. That's what the question is. Are they going to shut the government down?"

Sessions pointed to Democrats' opposition to Trump's plan to a multibillion-dollar wall as evidence the left isn't interested in addressing the nation's issues. "Whenever you come up with anything that actually fixed the problems, that is what does not pass," Sessions said. "They'll pass anything as long as it doesn't work."

Catch a snippet of Sessions' interview below. Becca Stanek