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the suspense killed no one

It took President Trump three hours to write this tweet

Three hours later, President Trump finally let America know what could happen to the country if his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall doesn't become a reality. For those who haven't been hanging onto Trump's every tweet, he started his Twitter musings about the wall earlier this morning:

Mysteriously, he ended his tweet with what appeared to be the first word of a new sentence, foreshadowing a part two. But for three hours that sentence went unfinished, during which time Trump chatted with NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson about sending people to Mars, got grossed out at the thought of astronauts drinking their own urine, and presumably brainstormed the hashtag #BuildTheWall.

Finally, here's the rest of Trump's tweet about the wall — which he claims is the only real solution to America's drug problem. Becca Stanek