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congratulations to whom?

President Trump used a speech honoring the Air Force Academy football team to nag Congress about the health-care bill

President Trump couldn't resist getting political when he delivered a speech Tuesday in the Rose Garden honoring the U.S. Air Force Academy football team. With the brigade of players standing right behind him, Trump goaded Congress to move forward with the American Health Care Act, which he hailed as a "clear win for the American people." "How's health care coming, folks?" Trump asked the lawmakers who were gathered as he presented the team with the Commander-in-Chief Trophy. "How's it doing? Alright, we're moving along? I think it's time now, right?"

He then turned around to face the players. "Right?" he asked, before turning back around to claim, "They know it's time."

Trump also took time out of his brief speech honoring the players to talk about making a "down payment on the border wall" that will keep out the "gang members, criminals, drug and human traffickers that threaten our citizens." He warned that any member of Congress that opposes the border wall proposal is "only empowering these deadly and dangerous threats."

He also noted that, thanks to the new budget plan's $21 billion increase in defense spending, his administration has "ended years of painful cuts to our military."

Eventually, the team did get its trophy — and Trump got an Air Force Academy football jersey with a big No. 1 on the back.