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This is what an 'anti-Trump aerobics' class looks like

You shouldn't have to compromise your daily cardio routine because you're busy #resisting President Trump. Or, at least that seems to be the rationale behind an "anti-Trump aerobics" class that was recently taught in San Francisco as part of the Bay Area's 100 Days Action series.

Mother Jones described the scene:

[Margaret] McCarthy, a performance artist, and Liat Berdugo, an artist, writer, and assistant professor at the University of San Francisco, led the attendees in an uproarious routine involving Democratic-blue sweatbands, Trumpian red ties, and rhythmic slogans.

"Don't buy Ivanka's shoes!" McCarthy called out, marching to the beat. "Don't buy Ivanka's shoes!" the participants echoed.

"F--- Mar-a-Lago!" she continued, swinging a tie like a golf club. "F--- Mar-a-Lago!" they mimicked.

"Don't read his tweets," Berdugo said in hushed voice, using the tie to shield her eyes.

Each new slogan ended with cheers and whoops. [Mother Jones]

Watch some of the workout below. Jeva Lange