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Watch this Virginia lieutenant governor candidate's campaign ad suggesting Obama left behind a legacy of house-robbing terrorists

Don't you hate when you're getting the kids ready for soccer practice and Islamic State operatives (or perhaps they're FBI paramilitary goons, it's a little unclear) rob the house across the street in broad daylight? Well, you can thank former President Barack Obama for that, according to Virginia's Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Bryce Reeves.

Reeves' campaign ad is obviously supposed to terrify wealthy suburbanites, but in reality it raises more questions than anything else. "Apparently Obama left a legacy of amazingly indiscreet terrorists," one Twitter user noted. Another asked, "Why is ISIS robbing a house instead of killing people? Why is [Reeves] ignoring a cop car with sirens on?"

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and watch out for suburban terrorists. Jeva Lange