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nice try

The White House just claimed its health-care bill is 'impossible to score.' The CBO is expected to score it as early as next week.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders claimed Thursday that the real reason the American Health Care Act wasn't scored by the Congressional Budget Office ahead of the House vote is because it is "impossible to score." "Even if they were to score it, it's impossible to score a lot of the things that will go into this," Sanders said, just as the House convened to vote on the scoreless bill.

Sanders noted that "even if it was to be scored" — which it will be, as early as next week — it would be "'impossible to predict how that might actually affect the impact' of provisions in the legislation," The Washington Examiner reported.

The New York Times' Glenn Thrush tweeted he'd "never heard this before," pointing out the very point of the CBO's existence is "to score complex legislation."