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putting the party before the passage

President Trump gathers the GOP to celebrate the House's passage of health care: 'We want to brag'

President Trump promised that the GOP health-care bill would pass the Senate in a Rose Garden celebration Thursday, held just after the bill passed the House by a razor-thin 217-213 margin. "This is, make no mistake, this is a repeal and a replace of ObamaCare," Trump said. "Make no mistake about it."

Trump lavished praise upon the "very, very incredibly well-crafted" health-care plan, known as the American Health Care Act, which he claimed "brought the Republican Party together." "They're not even doing it for the party," Trump said of Republicans. "They're doing it for this country." Trump promised that with the AHCA replacing ObamaCare, premiums and deductibles "will be coming down."

He then passed the microphone to the members of the Republican Party gathered behind him. "We want to brag about the plan," he said.

Catch a snippet of Trump's celebratory speech below. Becca Stanek