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'Don't wait call 8'

Infamous New York-area injury law firm facing its demise as Cellino sues Barnes

New Yorkers, your days of hearing the jingle for injury law firm Cellino & Barnes while binging re-runs of Law & Order: SVU on local cable TV may be numbered. The New York Post broke the news late Wednesday that Ross Cellino Jr. has filed a lawsuit against his partner Stephen Barnes to "dissolve the firm." Cellino & Barnes has offices in the New York metro area, Buffalo, and Rochester, as well as a few in California.

Cellino's petition remains sealed by the court, so it's not yet clear why he wants to dissolve the firm, which is infamous for its catchy ads offering to help New Yorkers deal with car accidents ranging from head-ons and t-bones to rear-ends. Barnes has until May 19 to respond to Cellino's suit and make the case for why the firm's slogan "Don't Wait, Call 8" should not become a relic of the past.

For posterity (and for those who have no idea what the Cellino & Barnes jingle sounds like), take a listen below. Becca Stanek