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hail hydra!

A website about Captain America villains now redirects to WhiteHouse.gov

If you've watched many of the approximately 8.6 million movies in Marvel Comics' Avengers franchise, you may recall Hydra, a Nazi-linked terrorist organization often battled by Captain America. Hydra is named after a mythological, multi-headed snake monster that grows more heads every time you cut one off, and members of the villainous group identify each other by whispering, "Hail Hydra!"

But if you visit hail-hydra.com, perhaps hoping to read up on some Marvel lore before the next 4 million movies premiere, you will instead be redirected to the WhiteHouse.gov page for President Donald J. Trump. Really — try it.

It isn't clear who set up the redirect, but it has been in place since at least mid-April. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, one Hydra offshoot in the comics, an organization called the Secret Empire, was headed by an American president. The unnamed president killed himself after his secret was leaked in a 1974 storyline commenting on the Watergate scandal of former President Richard Nixon.