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Trump reportedly sent Michael Flynn a private message: 'Stay strong'

President Trump has reportedly stayed in touch with his ousted national security adviser, Michael Flynn, even sending him an encouraging message to "stay strong," Yahoo News reports.

Flynn is at the heart of the ongoing investigation into ties between Trump's presidential campaign and Russia. It was revealed earlier this week that Trump pressured his former FBI director, James Comey, about dropping the investigation into Flynn and that Trump was aware Flynn was under federal investigation for foreign lobbying work when appointing him to the role.

"These are two men who bonded on the campaign trail," a close associate of Flynn's explained to Yahoo. "Flynn always believed that Trump would win. They were together so much during the campaign that Flynn became family. There has been zero sign of anything but supreme loyalty." Another friend of Flynn's explained that Trump's pressure on Comey was basically saying, "Can you take it easy on my buddy?"

Flynn will remain loyal to Trump, his friends say, describing the pair's relationship as being like brothers "in the foxhole." On Thursday, a lawyer of Flynn's announced Flynn will be ignoring the Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena for private documents pertaining to his interactions with Russian officials.

"Thank God, Trump is president," Flynn reportedly told his friends shortly after being fired. "Can you imagine if Hillary had won and what she would be doing?"