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Trump reportedly canceled a speech at a World Heritage site after learning he couldn't land his helicopter on it

President Trump apparently changed his mind about delivering a speech at a UNESCO World Heritage site in Israel after he learned he couldn't land his helicopter there, Newsweek reported Thursday. Trump was supposed to speak at the ancient and historic mountain fortress of Masada during his upcoming foreign trip, but he will instead speak at the Israel Museum, which apparently can accommodate Trump's chopper.

Before Trump changed his plans, the director of Masada National Park, Eitan Campbell, told the Jerusalem Post that "the Americans will land in Bar Yehuda landing strip" and then go up to the mountain "by cable car." Campbell said helicopter landings have been banned at the site because the dust and wind kicked up in the landing can cause "damage to the antiquities."

Other U.S. presidents who made the trip, including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, took the cable car up the mountain.