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The official accounts of Ukraine and Russia are arguing about history on Twitter

Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in spurts of armed conflict ever since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. But the battle isn't limited to the Russian-Ukrainian border anymore — the two countries have taken the tussle to Twitter.

It all started when the official Twitter account for Ukraine tweeted a graphic countering Russia's claims about French queen Anne de Kiev:

Russia, which has used the ancient state of Kievan Rus as justification for "reclaiming" parts of Ukraine, replied:

(Twitter | @Russia)

Ukraine wasn't falling for it:

President Trump has also spent some time reportedly confused about Russia's territorial ambitions — German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly brought a map of the Soviet Union with her to a meeting with Trump to try to lay it all out. Read a brief history of Ukraine's fraught relationship with Russia here at The Week.