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Judge Napolitano warns Fox & Friends hosts that Trump shouldn't feel vindicated over Comey just yet

Republican National Committee staffers have their thumbs at the ready to fire off tweets in defense of the White House during former FBI Director James Comey's Senate testimony on Thursday morning. But the party's top takeaway — that "President Trump feels completely and totally vindicated by … Comey's opening testimony" — was just shaken by an unexpected voice on Thursday morning: Fox News' judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

On Fox & Friends, Judge Napolitano discouraged the hosts from getting too excited about Comey's opening statement. "I think the way this is worded, there's something in there for everybody," he said. "There's enough in there for Republicans to attack former Director Comey and defend the president, and there's enough in there for Democrats to defend former Director Comey and attack the president."

Napolitano concluded patiently: "There's a lot of parsing of words." Watch below. Jeva Lange