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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert checks in with a stoical Melania Trump after her White House move

"Ever since Donald Trump took office, he has been a bachelor in the White House," Stephen Colbert noted on Tuesday's Late Show. "They say he's been lonely, he's been isolated, he's put on weight." Well, "those bachelor days are over forever, because this weekend, after more than five months of living apart, Melania Trump moved into the White House," he said. "It's like their second honeymoon — and for Donald, his fourth. So, how are things going?" He turned to Melania Trump, "live" from "the White House," as played by actress Laura Benanti. Benanti's Melania is maybe not thrilled to be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., perhaps not sad at the idea of Trump's impeachment, possibly fantasizing a bit about Canada's Justin Trudeau, and as committed to her marriage as America is to its constitutionally elected president, even if survival means taking up the tippling slogan "Make America Grape Again." Watch below. Peter Weber