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It wasn't all bad

7-year-old who started successful lemonade stand now running her own food truck

Kyleigh McGee is a budding mogul at age 7.

The Little Rock, Arkansas, girl had a successful lemonade stand last summer, set up in her grandparents' backyard. McGee did so well that she quickly came up with an idea on how to expand. "I thought, 'Why don't we have a lemonade stand to bring to events?'" she told Good Morning America. Her mother, Gabrielle Williams, saw how dedicated her daughter was to the lemonade stand, and bought an old snow cone stand and converted into a food truck where her daughter now sells lemonade, ice cream, and snacks. "She had so much fun with it and she had a chance to kind of get an idea of how it is to be an entrepreneur," Williams said.

McGee is learning all kinds of new responsibilities, as well as how to count money. People love what she has to offer, and although Williams had planned on only keeping the food truck going through the summer, it's so popular it is booked through December. Williams said McGee has always liked cooking, but she has also said she wants to be a teacher, doctor, singer, and tennis player when she grows up. "I just tell her whatever you decide to do you have my support, 100 percent," she said.