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Trump Organization

Trump's company re-registers TrumpRussia.com, TrumpTowerMoscow.com, other odd web domains

Over the past week, the Trump Organization has renewed its lease on more than 1,000 web domains, keeping its claim on everything from the defensive TrumpVodkaSucks.com, TrumpNetworkPonziScheme.com, TrumpIsFired.com, and relatively prosaic DonaldTrumpSucks.com to the presumably aspirational TrumpRussia.com and TrumpTowerMoscow.com. Politico, which has an interactive database of Trump's domain names, says that "it's common for large companies to buy up hundreds or even thousands of web domains, often to claim URLs for products they think they may want to develop in the future," or don't want others to claim to embarrass them.

Trump still owns his companies through a trust, though he has turned over management to his two eldest sons, and both the president and his lawyers maintain that he has no inappropriate business dealings with Russia. Trump has also pledged that the Trump Organization won't pursue new foreign deals while he is in office. Most of the renewed domain names deal with Trump Organization properties or future potential properties, but if you want a glimpse of where the president's business is wandering on the web, go to the database and peruse the "Odd Names" category.