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It wasn't all bad

This dog found a lost cat stuck in a storm drain and refused to leave its side

A dog's keen sense of smell just reunited a long-lost cat with his owner.

Shelly Colette was out for a walk with her dog, a border collie Labrador mix named Cash, in New Brunswick, Canada. When Colette and Cash passed by a storm drain, Cash stopped and "refused to move," The Star reported.

When Colette peered down the grate, she spotted a cat. It turns out his name was Ghost, and he had been missing for six weeks. "I had never met Ghost, but I had seen the missing cat signs around town and I thought, 'That's Ghost,'" Colette said. She said it was clear that Cash "wanted to save this cat."

Colette called Ghost's owner, Izzy Francolini, who rushed over. Francolini then contacted city workers to take off the manhole cover, a job that required multiple sledgehammers.

Hours later, Ghost emerged and his owner took him home. "I love that dog dearly," Francolini said.