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Did Sarah Palin accidentally tweet out a white supremacist slogan?

President Trump's dark speech in Warsaw on Thursday founds lots of fans — including, apparently, Sarah Palin. The former governor of Alaska shared a Young Conservatives article about the speech, tweeting: "Trump gives speech to the people of Poland, says 14 words that leave Americans stunned."

Palin's tweet reads like a dog-whistle for white supremacists, as it seemingly refers to the "Fourteen Words" of the neo-Nazi slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The article Palin quotes notably does not contain any 14-word sentences by Trump that might otherwise be being referenced.

Some sleuthing by The Daily Beast, though, shows that the caption could be an honest mistake:

While the headline and the article's URL make no mention of the neo-Nazi phrase, the manually selected Facebook caption — which automatically comes up when a user clicks the "Share" button on YoungCon's website — contains the "14 words" reference.

And those familiar with Sarah Palin's social-media habits know that her Facebook musings automatically post to her Twitter, hence the neo-Nazi caption being shared on multiple platforms.

The article's author, Warner Todd Huston, is a contributor to Breitbart, the self-proclaimed "platform for the alt-right" once led by current top White House strategist Steve Bannon. [The Daily Beast]

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