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Jon Stewart hassles a 13-year-old for his Jimmy Kimmel-themed bar mitzvah on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart made an appearance Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live to demand answers from a 13-year-old kid who had a Kimmel-themed — and not, say, a Stewart-themed — bar mitzvah.

Just as Kimmel was interviewing Pennsylvania teen Will Rubin about his bar mitzvah celebration, which was complete with a specially taped Kimmel monologue, Stewart butted in. "I'm a talk show host as well — I was, years ago. And I'm a Jew. You probably had your choice of really, you know, idolizing any talk show host. You could've gone with a Jew, is what I'm saying," Stewart said, quipping that despite Kimmel's "learned-looking beard" he's actually "not rabbinical."

Kimmel suggested that maybe Rubin could have a "Jon Stewart-themed wedding." "I'll think about [it]," Rubin laughed.

Watch it below. Becca Stanek