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in a galaxy called anaheim

A fully immersive Disney Star Wars hotel will put guests in costume and character

As part of Disney's new Star Wars-themed "land," Galaxy's Edge, the Anaheim, California, park has announced plans for an immersive starship-themed hotel, Fox News reports. From the moment guests check in, they "immediately become a citizen of the galaxy and experience all that entails, including dressing up in the proper attire," Disney Parks & Resorts chairman Bob Chapek said.

Guests will also play a role in an unfolding narrative at the hotel, with The Verge describing it as a "Westworld for Star Wars fans." Employees (and droids and aliens) will interact with guests in character, and "windows" in the hotel will gaze out at space scenes fitting for an intergalactic journey.

Of course, all the fun doesn't come cheap. The Verge adds that an "early survey floated a cost of around $1,000 per guest for a 2-night stay."