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Kellyanne Conway claims Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team was rooting for Hillary Clinton

In a Friday appearance on Fox & Friends, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway argued that the people "should know" that lawyers on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team made donations to Democrats. "These weren't minor donations. ... These were significant donations by members of that team. They clearly wanted the other person to win," Conway said. "Now, whether that prejudices them one way or the other in the investigation remains to be seen. But it is relevant information for people to have."

Conway explained this push for "transparency" fits in with President Trump's larger promise to "drain the swamp." "Donald Trump went to Washington to disrupt and expose the system. Just to blow that secret door off of its hinges and have more accountability and transparency in a system that thrives on the opposite," Conway said. "So the same applies here."

As she boasted about Trump's embrace of accountability, Conway reiterated the president's claim that the whole investigation into his team's potential ties to Russia and its meddling in the U.S. presidential election is a "witchhunt." "It's such a sideshow compared to what he's doing in the White House. Even this week alone was such an incredible week with health-care reform, with Made in America week," Conway said, looking back on the week during which Senate Republicans' plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare failed because not enough Republicans supported it.

Catch Conway's interview below. Becca Stanek

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