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a triumphant return

Ann Curry is coming back to TV

Two and a half years after leaving NBC, Ann Curry has announced she will be making her return to the small screen, Variety reports. Starting in 2018, Curry will host a new six-part series on PBS called We'll Meet Again.

We'll Meet Again will feature "reunions between people who have been affected by real-life events," Variety reports, including World War II, the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and the Sept. 11 attacks. Curry told Variety she signed onto the project quickly because she "had a sense of the potential depth of the stories."

Curry was unceremoniously dropped from NBC's Today show in 2012 and had been working in a separate production unit of NBC News until 2015. After she left NBC News, Curry founded her production company, Blink Films, which will co-produce We'll Meet Again.