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Chris Christie once again has a rough time at a baseball game

It looks like it may be time to take Chris Christie away from the ball game.

The New Jersey governor already knows he'll endure stadium-wide boos on the East Coast, and on Sunday, he learned the hard way he's not safe from ridicule in the Midwest, either. Christie, whose son works for the Brewers, was at Miller Park for the game against the Cubs, when a Chicago fan started heckling him, WISN reporter Ben Hutchison tweeted. After being "razzed," Christie, wielding a plate of nachos, marched up to the man and got into his face, at one point saying, "You want to act like a big shot?"

The Cubs fan, Brad Joseph, told WISN the fracas began when he saw Christie about 30 feet away from him, and decided it was an appropriate time to tell him he "sucked and was a hypocrite," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. "It needed to be said," Joseph declared. The verbal spat lasted about a minute, Joseph recounted, and included Christie telling him he was a "tough guy" who "should have another beer." Between his jeer-filled appearance at a Mets game and this, Christie is 0-2 when it comes to enjoying the national pastime.