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Cool guy Paul Ryan rides a horse to promote building The Wall

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has made a short action-adventure movie to convince you that "it is time for The Wall" and also that "The Wall" is "cool." The 30-second clip, posted to his Twitter feed Tuesday, recaps the fun, informative trip Ryan made to the U.S.-Mexico border earlier this year, where he apparently spent much of his time checking out different modes of transportation (helicopter, boat, horse?).

The video also uses a catchy dance track and, inexplicably, three different fonts to write the word "for," in order to illustrate that The Wall is Hip and Necessary.

In addition to nodding with sunglasses on and wearing a life vest, Ryan speaks in the video, too. "When you see [what the border patrol is] up against, it really gives you even greater respect for what they do. They clearly need more tools and more support to do their jobs effectively," he says. Watch below. Jeva Lange