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This GOP congressional candidate writes guides to penis enlargement, vaginal warts, and herpes

Shak Hill, a Republican primary challenger to Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), wants to help "reclaim American fatherhood" and bring Christian values back to politics. He also wants to give you sex-related self-help advice, which he posts to his website, GuildingLightBooks.com, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Posts authored under Hill's name include handy guides like "I Used Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques to Make My Penis Grow — Here's What I Did!" and "The Upside of Herpes." He also has a post that claims skin cancer is a "hoax" and another about "Why Making a Diagnosis of Genital Warts and Lumps Using Photos Is Dangerous."

When asked about the posts, Hill told the Free Beacon that "he does not choose all the articles that get posted under his name. He added that the Free Beacon inquiry 'triggered a cleaning of the site by my Web Team with instructions to catch inappropriate automatic postings.'" As of the time of publication, the entire Guiding Light Books website appears to be down.

Don't fret though — screenshots of some of the deleted posts are saved here.