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Trump reportedly told New Jersey golf club members the White House is 'a dump'

President Trump loves golf, and he doesn't hide it — he has spent many of his weekends since January golfing, owns several courses, and has teed up with world leaders like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

A new article coming out in the August 7 edition of Sports Illustrated shares lots of interesting tidbits about Trump the golfer, like how he'll play a second ball if his first swing didn't go his way, and how he "doesn't play a round of golf so much as narrate it," adding hyperbole along the way. But while the article gives insight into what Trump's ostentatious clubs and courses reveal about the person he is, what's getting buzz are a few comments he reportedly made to members of his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The club, close to his home in New York City, was almost like a campaign headquarters before the election, and he's visited multiple times since his inauguration. It was there that, during a recent round of golf, he told some members of the club he was at Bedminster so often because "that White House is a real dump," Sports Illustrated reports. (A White House spokesperson denied this.) Sports Illustrated was also told that last November, when Trump was gearing up to interview Cabinet prospects at the club, he told members at a cocktail reception and dinner that "this is my real group. You are the special people. I see all of you. I recognize, like, 100 precent of you, just about." He then gave a blanket invitation to everyone in the room, letting them know they were more than welcome to swing by the Cabinet interviews. Read the entire Sports Illustrated report.