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Peter Thiel thinks Trump is a one-term president

Publicly, Silicon Valley's Peter Thiel has sung President Trump's praises and maintained his ardent support. But privately, Trump's biggest Silicon Valley supporter has expressed doubts about how successful Trump will be.

BuzzFeed News reported that the "weekend before the election" — just months after Thiel delivered a sweeping endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention — Thiel reportedly admitted in "at least one private conversation" that he thought Trump would "likely be a one-term president" if he won. After Trump did indeed win, the billionaire venture capitalist in January told friends that he thinks there's "a 50 percent chance this whole thing ends in disaster."

Trump's first months in office haven't exactly buoyed Thiel's confidence:

At an event in May in San Francisco, he was described by one guest who was in attendance as "annoyed" with the first months of Trump's presidency. With little policy being established by the White House, Thiel worried that the the next four years would be defined by stagnation and stressed the notion that he didn't think Trump would be reelected.

In describing the administration, Thiel used one defining word in front of his guests: "incompetent." [BuzzFeed News]

Trump, who has described Thiel as "a very special guy," will likely have something to tweet about that.

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