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Mar-a-Lago placed an obligatory ad in an effort to hire foreign workers during 'Made in America' week

Last month, President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, placed an obligatory ad seeking seasonal employees in order to obtain permission from the Labor Department to hire foreign workers, The Washington Post reports. The ad coincidentally ran during "Made in America" week at the White House.

U.S. businesses are required to take a number of steps to prove that attempts to hire American workers failed before they are given permission to hire foreign workers, including placing ads in newspapers. Mar-a-Lago's ad, on page C8 of The Palm Beach Post, gave no email address or phone number and asked applicants to "apply by fax." It ran twice.

Many hotels seek such exceptions from the government. Mar-a-Lago is looking to hire 35 waiters as well as 20 cooks and 15 housekeepers for the winter season.

"The club's request for visas stood out because it came in the middle of 'Made in America Week' at the White House, as Trump and his administration sought to highlight his push to remake U.S. trade policy. Even as Trump urged other U.S. businesses to 'hire American,' his business was gathering evidence to prove that it couldn't," the Post writes.