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Seth Meyers has some thoughts on Trump's 'working vacation'

Seth Meyers.

President Trump will be spending the next two weeks at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, and on Monday's Late Night, Seth Meyers called him out for going on exactly the same type of vacation that he once ridiculed former President Barack Obama for taking.

Meyers played a montage of Trump — who insists this is a "working vacation" — saying during the campaign that if he became president, he'd never golf and would always be in the White House, and declaring that he never takes times off. "To be clear, I'm not criticizing Trump for taking vacations," Meyers said. "I'm criticizing him for being a lying hypocrite — and even lying hypocrites deserve vacations." His decision to spend that much time in Bedminster is also a hint that Trump's finances aren't as great as he wants you to think, Meyers said. "Just in case you needed more proof that he's not really a billionaire, he takes a New Jersey vacation," he quipped. "'New Jersey vacation' sounds like a slang term for a mafia hit." Meyers also had a good laugh at Trump saying his vacation would be filled with "meetings and calls," because that's basically how "an 8-year-old would describe an adult job."

Meyers argues that Trump is "desperately" trying to distract everyone from the Russia investigation, and that's also why during this past week, his team launched a video series promoting "real news" about his presidency and he attacked Hillary Clinton during a campaign-style rally in West Virginia. "What's becoming clear is that Trump and his allies have no record of their own to champion, so instead they need a villain, and they've decided they'd rather live in a world where Hillary Clinton was president rather than Donald Trump," Meyers said, before cueing up another montage, this time of Fox News clips that actually do kind of make it seem like the world was flipped turned upside down and Clinton is president. Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia