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Trump abroad

A small group of European diplomats have reportedly been playing word Bingo with Trump's oft-repeated adjectives

President Trump once vowed that he would put an end to "other leaders and other countries … laughing at us," a promise that so far remains unfulfilled, BuzzFeed News reports. Conversations with six European diplomats revealed that behind Trump's back, he is openly mocked by the higher-ups of the international community:

On one level, the officials said, [Trump] is something of a laughing stock among Europeans at international gatherings. One revealed that a small group of diplomats play a version of word Bingo whenever the president speaks because they consider his vocabulary to be so limited. "Everything is 'great', 'very, very great', 'amazing'," the diplomat said. [BuzzFeed News]

News of the ridicule might be a taste of Trump's own medicine, though. Trump has reportedly "openly mocked his own aides, contradicting and arguing with them in front of other leaders," BuzzFeed News adds.

"We can hear everything," said one diplomat. "It's weird."