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Trump tells Guam threats from North Korea will be great for tourism

President Trump spoke with Guam's Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo (R) Friday to address North Korea's threat to attack the U.S. territory with a missile strike. During the conversation, Calvo said, Trump "assured me that the people of Guam are safe."

The president also suggested the tension could be a boon to the island's tourist economy. "I have to tell you, you have become extremely famous all over the world. They are talking about Guam; and they’re talking about you," he can be heard saying in Calvo's recording of the call, which the governor shared on Facebook. "I can say this," Trump continued, tourism is "going to go up, like, tenfold with the expenditure of no money, so I congratulate you."

Listen to the conversation below. Bonnie Kristian