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Jake Tapper suggests the only people Trump has a hard time criticizing are Putin and white supremacists

President Trump isn't the type to shy away from criticizing, well, anyone, CNN's Jake Tapper pointed out Monday. In a brief look back at Trump's past attacks, Tapper recalled the president has criticized actress Kristen Stewart for how she broke up with fellow actor Robert Pattinson; a disabled reporter; a Gold Star family; a former Miss Universe; prisoners of war; the cast of Hamilton; a federal judge; Rosie O'Donnell; his own attorney general; the Republican Senate majority leader; and, of course, the media. "There is seemingly no one who is immune to the president's ire," Tapper said.

Well, there might be a couple exceptions, Tapper conceded: "Vladimir Putin and, it would seem, white supremacists. The president seems to struggle when called on to specifically and unequivocally criticize those groups." Tapper then pointed out the fact that it took Trump two days after the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to directly condemn white supremacists.

Watch Tapper's brutal rundown below. Becca Stanek