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Jordan Klepper's new show aims to be Trevor Noah's Colbert Report, but for the Trump era

The Nightly Show did not survive as The Daily Show's replacement for the Colbert Report, after Stephen Colbert moved over to CBS's The Late Show and Jon Stewart retired. So Comedy Central is digging back to the Colbert Report's formative idea, with Daily Show regular Jordan Klepper creating a Colbert-like faux conservative pundit for the alt-right Trump era. Klepper's show, The Opposition, doesn't start until late September, but he gave a preview on Thursday's Daily Show. "I want to expose the greedy globalists who chase power and money," he explained. "I also want to get more Twitter followers and build my brand, so in a way, I'm looking to expose myself." "Expose yourself?" Noah asked. "Didn't you get arrested for that once?"

"Jordan, I'm not going to lie — this all sounds a little fringe, man," Noah said. "It is fringe," Klepper said, getting to the point. "Reality check: That's where everybody lives now. It's where opinions, policies, and realities are born. On my new show, I represent the outsiders, the underdogs, like the billionaire TV star president." Time and ratings will tell if Klepper can be for Noah what Colbert was to Jon Stewart — if he can capture the moment like the Colbert Report did, or if the moment is too far gone for satire. Peter Weber